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Software development

Automation of business processes of the company allows to increase labor productivity and to raise quality of given services. One of company "Click" main activities is software development and implementation of IT-solutions on the basis of platforms of leading world manufacturers. Advantages of the software specially developed for your company.

  1. Presence of all necessary functional capabilities;
  2. Saving of money resources;
  3. Simplicity in mastering and usage;
  4. Full possession of a product.

Our services in software development

  1. Finishing and adjustment of CRM systems and ERP-modules. We render services in automation of business processes and implementation of corporate information systems, the analysis of singularities of activity of the organizations, consulting concerning optimization of processes of a customer relationship and resource planning, algorithmization of business processes and to individual configuration CRM and ERP. Also we offer rent of tuned decisions: Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  2. Development of management information systems and automations of business processes. Automation of business processes gives the chance to raise overall performance of the company considerably. We develop systems of automation of business processes taking into account specificity of activity of the organizations: carrying out of the analysis of data domain and company business processes, system structure designing, development of software modules, integration of a ready software solution.
  3. Document management. Electronic document management system implementation allows to raise overall performance of the company, to optimize internal processes and to reduce an operating time with documents. To receive as much as possible good results by operation with system, it is necessary for adapting and configuring taking into account specificity of activity of the company.
  4. Development of Internet projects. We render the full spectrum of services in development, advancement and support of Internet decisions with usage HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, CGI, SQL, VRML, Flash, to implementation of means of collective operation for control and project management and company tasks, development of internal portals of the organizations for the purpose of creation of the centralized data access, development of the wap-sites necessary for access to the information by means of mobile devices. Rent of a corporate portal of Microsoft SharePoint - the new service, a ready corporate portal for one day.
  5. Development of databases. The multiple user database helps to structure the information, to provide the convenient and fast operation connected to guiding of the registration, document circulation, etc. By database development considers singularities of activity of the company, allowing to raise overall performance with it. From internal and exterior threats it is required to produce for support of reliable protection of the data regularly reserve copying, to use fault-resistant hardware support and various program systems of safety.
  6. Training of staff to use by system. After end of development we test a software solution for detection of errors and failures in operation. We transfer a ready product to the Customer and we start staff training. Training is carried out with departure of experts of the company on the enterprise or through the Internet in a mode online.
  7. Maintenance service. We provide technical support of our software solutions and ready decisions offered by us throughout all period of their maintenance. Technical support includes software testing, optimization and adjustment of its functional capabilities, and also update and upgrade of separate software modules.
  8. Reversing Engineering out-of-date information systems.

We use ready products and we finish existing, automation of the enterprises on basis "1С the Enterprise 8" with usage of technology of process control. The main specialization of our firm is automation of process control and electronic document management. At creation of an information system the certificated design approach is applied to our customers - results of improvement of the management system based on complex diagnostics of the enterprise, we fix in the automated information system. The system is developed and adjusted under specificity of the enterprise of the customer and allows to control business processes in separate subdividings, to control business processes of interaction of the enterprise as a whole and processes of interaction with all counterparts. Our company is the leader in sphere of automation of averages and large enterprises on a platform 1С 8 together with utilities from b2b-soft, and also ready decisions of document circulation of company Globus.

Process choice

At a choice of process for automation first of all it is necessary to pay attention to following criteria.

  • Importance of processes for core business

  • Recurrence and variability of processes

  • Duration of processes in time and frequency of start of new copies of processes

  • Necessity of coordination of actions of different employees and subdividings

  • Potential of optimization of activity at the expense of improving of routes, applications of automatic rules in points of decision making and integration with other information systems

Company "Click" offers following services in adjustment, a configuration and finishing CRM of systems of Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Terrasoft CRM, Oracle, Sugar and others:

  • System adjustment
  • Adjustment of access rights of system
  • Adjustment of reference manuals
  • Adjustment of parameters of system
  • Development of reports on basis Fast Report, SQL Reporting Services
  • Development of a new functional – the decision of specialized tasks of automation of activity of the enterprise
  • Integration CRM of systems with WEB on the basis of technology ASP.NET
  • Integration CRM of systems with 1C-Bitrix
  • Integration CRM of systems with other program systems.

The main lines of business of the company - software development and implementation of software solutions of indirect vendors in following spheres:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Creation of trading robots

Company "Click" offers clients following types of complex services:

  • Implementation of software solutions of indirect vendors;
  • Formation business - requirements to the program decision;
  • Software selection under tasks of the customer;
  • Formation of the functional requirements to a software solution;
  • Adjustment and configuration of the program decision;
  • Training of employees of the customer;
  • Attending and software solution support;
  • Development of software solutions;
  • Collection and requirement analysis to system;
  • Software designing;
  • Development and implementation of the program decision;
  • Attending and support of the created systems;
  • IT-consulting;
  • Audit of information technologies;
  • Strategic IT-consulting, economic efficiency of IT;

  • Control of IT-service and IT-resources;
  • Control of business applications and IT-infrastructure;
  • IT-consulting at a choice of the equipment and a software.


Software development

Company "Click" offers clients following types of complex services in sphere of information technologies: implementation of software solutions of indirect vendors. Services in implementation of software solutions and decisions allow the customer to receive the working tool correctly installed and properly configured, adjusted highly skilled experts and completely ready for operation in the shortest periods. The given services include:

  • Carrying out of the preliminary analysis of a state of the organization or the enterprise, framing of recommendations about project development, formation business - requirements to the program decision;
  • Software selection under tasks of the customer, preparation and a substantiation of sentences with an estimation of periods of implementation and cost characteristics;
  • Formation of the functional requirements to a software solution;
  • Adjustment and software solution configuration under requirements of the customer, for the purpose of achievement of the greatest efficiency and return from usage of products and decisions;
  • Training of employees of the customer, products and decisions of "Click" are accompanied by the detailed documentation allowing to users independently to master of them;
  • Attending and support of information systems.


Implementation of systems of the analysis and information processing by a singularity of software solutions of company "Click" is possibility of operation with great volume of the unformalized information received from different sources in various formats. Before receiving the useful knowledge, input data should transit some steps of handling, including cleaning from «information garbage», classification and a rubrication, formalization and structurization, selection of the key facts and events, generalization and representation in a user-friendly type. All these stages providing a chain of conversion «the data – the information – knowledge», are presented in our products in the form of uniform methodology of handling of information flows and provided by the necessary toolkit, allowing to release the user from routine tasks. Therefore our users in the operation operate not with the data, and knowledge. Creation of information systems "on a turn-key basis". Creation of information systems is several stages the project which is including besides development as well survey, analytical and management activity, designing, implementation and attending. Experts of company "Click" possess necessary knowledge, experience and the qualification allowing successfully to fulfill all stages of creation and start in maintenance of information systems, that is to create systems on a turn-key basis. We are glad to offer our services for performance of all types of operations:
  • predesign survey and IT consulting
  • creation of the concept of automation
  • technical project development
  • development of the contract design and the working documentation
  • development and software adaptation
  • system implementation on automation object
  • trial operation carrying out
  • attending and development of the implemented systems

At will of the customer development process can be under construction both according to GOST requirements, and on floppy methodologies (for the purpose of abbreviation of period of the project and an amount of the let out documentation).

Today company "Click" allocates implementation of branch decisions a packet of ready branch decisions. Implementation of such product happens in minimum periods as doesn't demand a detailed analytics and software development. Users can start to work at the earliest stage of implementation, having provided effective feedback with project team. In the course of implementation experience of similar projects that reduces risks and system cost is made use. A distinctive singularity of branch decisions is detailed study and automation of typical information processes, characteristic for the given branch. Together with system the effective technology of the organization of the information operation, repeatedly tested on practice is implemented before. At will of the customer changes can be made to a system configuration, be added necessary documents, business functions, reports and so forth

Information security support. The information security problem is actual for any information system, the important company for business dealing. Leak or damage of the data, and also an output of systems out of operation owing to intended actions of malefactors, or a staff intermittent error, can hold down operation of the organization and lead to the considerable financial losses. Our company will help to solve this task complexly, having provided reliable protection of your information systems. Our experts will develop a trust relationships policy and will implement a complex of administrative and security measures and hardware-software means on safety.

Company "Click" offers a row of program decisions for optimization of your business: make your problems our tasks, and we will find ways of their decision.