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Repair of laptops

Repair of notebooks - one of the main lines of business of the company. We are engaged in repair of notebooks already more than 7 years and we do the operation well.

Often already by phone it is possible to clarify a notebook cause of defect, for example, if the client complains that the notebook is strongly heated and brakes, in most cases cooling faulty system, doesn't work usb on a notebook - the south bridge is unworkable or keys don't work (roll over) - most likely, as the reason of the given malfunction hit in a notebook of water or other liquid has served.

Remember that 100 % can be produced diagnostics only after notebook disassembling.
At us free diagnostics! Before the beginning of repair work to clients finite cost is declared. The price for notebook repair is always known before its performance. Basis prices of services in repair of notebooks are presented more low.

Without dependence from the vendor and model of your notebook, we will fulfill repair of any complexity. We have a wide experience under repair notebooks of various vendors:


The prices for repair of notebooks

At our service center you pay only for productive repair of notebooks. Any payment for diagnostics!



diagnostics 0 $
removal of password BIOS from 100 $
reinsertion of board BIOS from 116.6 $
repair of exterior power supply unit 50 $
changeover/repair of a key of the keypad of a notebook from 8.3 $
setting of the necessary language version of OS (windows xp, vista, windows 7) 116.6 $
recovery of system with recovery disk (from a disk of the customer; it is delivered together with a notebook) 133.3 $
disk drive DVD-CDRW setting, DVDRW 30 $
repair or disk drive DVD-CDRW changeover, DVDRW звоните
changeover of a lamp of illumination for a matrix от 133.3 $
repair of the motherboard (power connector) 116.6-166.6$
repair of a notebook after hit of water or other liquid from 166.6$
motherboard repair (shrinkage-changeover of chipsets) from 166.6$
cleaning of system of cooling 100 $

Urgent repair of a notebook will be fulfilled within 2-3 hours. The margin of 50 %. The warranty is spread To all types of repair work.

We don't fulfill repair of notebooks on departure, except cases of program breakages. Our service center on repair of notebooks allocates the modern equipment, and all necessary spare parts, as new, and бу. Professional engineers will fulfill any repair of notebooks, beginning from such simple, as cleaning of system of cooling and changeover of a matrix before difficult microsoldering of the north-bridge.

You can learn the fullest and exact information by phone.