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Mounting of a LAN

Local computer networks - a basis of an IT infrastructure of any firm, they allow exchange the information between various workstations, servers, automatic telephone exchange, services, security arrangements.

As we work

  1. Telephone consultation;
  2. Object survey;
  3. The offer (estimates on the equipment and operations + the technical decision);
  4. The contract inference, equipment delivery;
  5. Designing, project documentation release, mounting;
  6. Adjustment, commissioning, certification;
  7. Training of employees, Object delivery.

That we offer

Cable local area networks:
  • Mounting of local area networks (mounting of a LAN)
  • Optical fiber cable spacer
  • Mounting of plastic boxes
  • Mounting of wire trays
  • Mounting of integral metal trays
  • Mounting of the punched metal trays
  • Drilling of interfloor channels
  • Drilling of walls
  • Laying down of the goffered pipes and buried wiring
  • Cable laying down in гофртрубах, trays and channels of all types

Wireless technologies:
  • Creation wireless (WiFi) computer networks
  • The organization wireless (WiFi) segments of computer networks
  • The organization wireless (WiFi) transmission channels (to 50 km.)
  • The organization wireless (WiMAX) computer networks

Server rooms:
  • Designing and mounting of server rooms on a turn-key basis
  • Setting of systems of uninterrupted power
  • Designing of systems of reserve copying of the data
  • Mounting of optical cross connects
  • Mounting and crossing of patch panels of all types
  • Setting of central airs
  • Marking of ports

  • Mounting of service stands and towers
  • Mounting of floor protective boxes
  • Mounting and connection of sockets of all types, including fiber optical
  • Adjustment of workplaces on local area networks
  • Marking of ports

Survey of object and offer preparation is produced free of charge.

Call us and receive answers to any questions from our experts.