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Apple the in the lead vendor in the field of innovative computer technologies which doesn't need advertizing. Revolutionary products of Apple iPhone, iPod, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro know all over the world. Company "Click" is the official reseller of Apple and invites all wishing to join the generation which is marching in step in due course, Apple generation. You will find a wide choice of players, phones, notebooks and computers of this vendor in our E-commerce shop on reasonable prices.

Our company renders a wide range of services in repair of products of Apple:

  • Operative diagnostics and qualitative repair of desktop computers of any complexity, changeover of the details which are not subject to repair, by the new. All necessary accessories and spare parts always are at us available;
  • Repair and laptop modding, setting of the necessary software;
  • Repair iPhone, Mac Book and iPod at very low prices.

You can invite the expert to the house or approach in office in Moscow. We are always glad to come to the rescue. Free consultation of the expert in phone.

Has broken iPhone, MacBook, iPod? Take your time it to leave …

We will inhale in it new life …

Company "Click" carries out repair of players of Apple iPod, Apple repair (all ruler of the goods) any complexity!

You iPhone, iPod, MacBook is able to smile … Unless you didn't know?. You iPhone, iPod, MacBook longs … You can make it more happily … Upgrade iPhone, iPod or MacBook, make its individual an individual coloring for your Apple iPhone, iPod, MacBook.
It not such as all … It is individual …

It isn't simple means for dialogue … It is your individuality … Color the iPhone! Company "Click" will transform yours iPhone or notebook MacBook into a work of art! Ring!

Has broken iPhone or favourite MacBook? For a short while!

Company "Click" carries out repair of communicators iPhone any complexity!

Activation and russification, unblocking, repair iPhone. Screen changeover iPhone, display repair iPhone, case changeover iphone, repair of a connector of earphones and the switching-on button iphone, activation iphone, and also russification. At our service center always it is possible to acquire original spare parts for iPhone. We carry out delivery of spare parts iphone in all regions of Russia. We will consult on the further usage of wonderful phone iPhone.

 If you want: to repair iPhone, to stitch or unlock iPhone - you have found that searched, on this site. We render all these services, and also we fulfill repair iPhone 3G|4G. We don't say that we do repair iPhone best so our clients speak. Who knows, how the market of mobile phones would develop, don't appear iPhone. This revolutionary product from Apple has urged on other vendors to begin development of similar models. Note similar models. Number one among multimedia phones with sensor control in our storage for ever remains iPhone. The Apple firm has shown to the whole world as phone can look. But, unfortunately, any, even the most expensive and qualitative product, can break. Display repair iPhone can be necessary after the strong shock. If glass all repair iPhone - changeover has flown down sometimes phone is damaged only drop, and not only on solid surfaces, but also in water. In that case more extensive amount of works, than simply repair of the screen iPhone can quite be demanded.

Where to find experts? We render services of repair to production of Apple to inhabitants of Moscow. It is not necessary to search for us, simply bring phone, and we will repair it. Why it is necessary to address to us? iPhone the modern, hi-tech device. Behind convenient sensor control iPhone the most complicated construction, behind the beautiful menu and an abundance of functions of thousand lines of the program code disappears. It you don't note all - simply use and enjoy. iPhone or MacBook it is impossible to do repair «on a knee» without the special equipment and certain knowledge for the qualified repair experts are necessary. The small workshop can repair normal phone, but won't cope with such job, as repair iPhone or difficult repair of notebook MacBook Pro. Don't pay to the phone in a base ingratitude for its excellent operation, giving of it in charge laymans. Entrust it to us. We will fulfill Apple repair iPhone, repair of notebooks MacBook, we will replace glass or the display after falling, we will install a new insertion, we will give consultation and we will answer all your questions. To learn about repair MacBook, iPhone 3G|4G, iPod it is possible in any our representation or on this site.

Our experts fulfill not only iPhone repair, we also repair MacBook, Sony PSP and PSP Slim. Clients often ask, repair, an insertion or an unblocking will cost how many for iPhone. It depends on many circumstances and is better to show the device to our expert who can precisely estimate cost. You already were tired to read forums and blogs, to get acquainted with versions of insertions and methods to "recover" your new phone or a notebook? To you has bothered to enter into a retrieval system requests «repair of Apple Moscow», «iPhone repair the price» or «repair MacBook center» or only be going to be engaged in it? You also don't need to spend hours (and even days) to understand independently with the device of yours iPhone.

Simply go to section contacts and contact us right now! Save the time and the Apple.