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1С automation

If it is necessary for you to implement or adjust any product of firm 1С, to change a standard configuration, to integrate with other software solutions, services or to develop individual system, address in our department of automation.

Our experts will consult you on all stages of automation of business processes, will pick up, in case of need, software solutions and the equipment, together with you will make the technical project on modification or configuration writing.

We offer:

  • Automation of all types of document circulation of the enterprises
  • Automation of the registration of the goods by means of scanners and printers of barcodes
  • Manufacture of magnetic plastic cards (for security arrangements, discount, visiting)
  • The automatic registration of calculations of the VAT, in case of application of various methods of the taxation (ENVD/not ENVD, operations with the rate of 0 %)
  • Adjustment of guiding of the tax registration
  • Automation of formation of registers of the tax registration, the registration of calculations on PBU 18/2
  • Automation of warehouses, development of logistical systems on the basis of data acquisition terminals
  • Development and implementation of the automated systems for mobile trade:
  • Automation of collection of orders (pre selling), exit trade (van selling), a merchandising on the basis of a handheld computer
  • To the new companies we offer consulting in the field of the tax right, the registration of driving of means. We optimize business processes, we offer complex automation. We recommend the checked accounting and auditor companies.

Each project is unique and demands the personal approach, cost of operations depends on volume and complexity of operations.

To the foreign companies (branches) we render information support in the field of the tax right and accounting.