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Computer services

Company "Click" gives the full complex of services in subscriber service of computers of legal bodies, technical support of private users, IT-audit, IT-consulting and many other computer services. We also fulfill project works on designing and mounting of a LAN, both wire, and wireless local area networks, electroconducting, fire and protective security arrangements. Separately it is necessary to mark our flagman direction - software development to order.

Subscriber service of computers

IT-outsourcingservice of computers, the software, office equipment, servers, automatic telephone exchange, your organization professional non-staff experts.

Computer help (technical support of private users)

Computer help - the qualified computer service the solving all list of computer tasks in-home:

  • Setting and adjustment of programs, operating systems
  • Treatment and removal of viruses
  • Recovery of the data*
  • Repair and Apple adjustment
  • Setting of drivers of devices
  • Connection of peripheral devices
  • The help in adjustment of routers, WiFi access points, cellular telephones, a handheld computer
  • Setting and local area network adjustment
  • Repair of notebooks of any complexity**
  • Individual consultations and training

* - recovery of the data at physical layer is fulfilled on the special equipment at our service center, there are cases when the information manages to be recovered a program method.

** - component repair of notebooks is fulfilled only at our service center, in house conditions
repair program making (OS, programs) is possible

Other services to legal bodies

Consultations of experts

IT-consulting — consultation of legal bodies concerning a choice of the optimal circuit of creation of an IT-infrastructure of all company, implementation, control, reconstruction of an IT-infrastructure, complex automation of business processes, a choice program, hardware platforms, equipment providers and the license software. IT-consulting will provide your organization all-round professional support in area of information technologies.

The analysis of an information structure of the company

The analysis of an IT-infrastructure of the enterprise, detection of bottlenecks - the Important task from which it is twisted trouble-free work of all subdividings of the company. IT-audit will help to reveal the involved both not used material and non-material resources of the organization, will reveal violations in the field of licensing / legitimacy of usage of this or that software solution. Audit is fulfilled by the certificated engineers by means of the specialized software for IT audit, therefore accuracy of the given audit is high. Don't postpone audit "for tomorrow"!

More you can receive the detail information at the manager by phone.