Многоканальный телефон:
+7 (495) 287-69-33
Режим работы:пн.-пт.: 09:00 - 18:00, сб.-вс.: выходные дни

The round-the-clock computer help

The computer help in day of reversal - elimination of any computer malfunctions round the clock: treatment and removal of viruses, setting of programs, setting windows, recovery of the data, search and setting of drivers, selection of the necessary software, the help in a choice of computer "iron", repair of notebooks, adjustment Wi-Fi, connection to the Internet 2х and more computers, individual consultations and training in-home.

If urgent repair of the computer, reinstallation windows is required to you, virus treatment, saving of the data, want to adjust the computer right after its acquisitions, to connect the new device, to install the driver or to consult with experts, ring right now! Our repair of computers will justify all your waitings!

The computer help of the price

1 In the afternoon, under condition of the further work.

* All prices are specified without cost of the license software.

Departure and diagnostics free of charge!1

The help in setting and adjustment of programs

Setting and adjustment Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 from 12.3$
The help in setting and antivirus adjustment 10$
Treatment and removal of viruses from 15$
Setting of programs (Microsoft Office, games, browsers, mail clients, other) from 10$

Diagnostics of the hardware of the system unit, changeover and equipment adjustment

Power supply unit changeover 20.6$
Processor changeover 21$
Changeover of a random access memory (RAM) 21.3$
Motherboard changeover 40$
Video card changeover 24$
Hard disk changeover 16.3$
Changeover of a drive of CD/DVD 16.3$
Connection and printer adjustment 19.3$
Connection and scanner adjustment 19.3$

Treatment and removal of a sms of a virus

Authors of a sms of a virus declare that their program is harmless and doesn't carry any threat for the infected computer, actually the sms a virus is a serious virus with which not always it is possible to struggle normal methods. ATTENTION! Don't send a sms on the short number specified in the program, except the written off 300-800 roubles for each sms you won't see anything. Normal antiviruses don't cope with the given type of a virus, therefore we advise to address to professionals.

Use the legal version of OS windows, track constant update of anti-virus bases of your antivirus and don't visit web sites of the doubtful content. Urgent repair of computers in day of reversal, ring!