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web studio Web creating and SEO Web studio Click. Working out of a logo, corporate style, web site creating and SEO.
repair of laptops Repair of laptops Any repair of laptops; epair of laptops; matrix replacement, difficult repair of the motherboard, a reinsertion BIOS and other services.
removal SMS of a virus Removal SMS of a virus Our experts successfully solve problems with a sms a virus. SMS a virus - a version of computer viruses which blocks computer work.
installation software Installation and adjustment software Our experts will help to establish and adjust the software in the shortest terms.
removal of viruses Removal of viruses and restoration of the data To cure a virus or to remove a virus our experts will help, if necessary they will execute preservation or restoration of the data.
LAN Designing and installation of a LAN The wide spectrum of services will be executed by our experts: diagnostics of a local network, installation and designing of a LAN, service of local networks.
1C automation 1C automation Sale and installation 1С, introduction of complex decisions on the basis of products 1С, programming 1С configurations, updating and service 1С.
IT-outsourcing IT-outsourcing Complex technical support, user's service of computers of the organizations.
software working out to order Software working out to order We develop the software to order, among our clients the international companies, the largest commercial banks.
IT-consulting IT-consulting Our company is engaged in consultation of the enterprises concerning introduction of new program, hardware complexes, management of the IT Infrastructure, automation of business processes.

About company

Company "Click" - the leader of the market of IT Outsourcing in Moscow. Hundreds grateful clients and set of the finished projects testify to it. We have own computer service on repair of laptops, web studio, department of the exit computer help and partner relations with other IT Companies.

Already more than 10 years we take of an in the lead position in the market of Moscow. Not important with what problem you have come to us (computer repair, site creation, user's service of computers, repair of the laptop or other), we will perform the work better, than someone.
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Our services

All necessary IT Services in one place! Computer home visiting service for private users, computer service of legal bodies, IT Consulting – the basic company services. The full list of services look more low:

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Today IT-outsourcing is not luxury, and vital necessity. User's service of computers includes regular planned checks and emergency departures (the quantity of calls is regulated contracts).

User's service of computers as, actually, any other computer services of our company, the individual approach means. User's service of computers is spent according to the established regulations. The systematized user's service of computers reliably prevents any probable failures in work of office technics, completely excludes possibility of system errors.

Repair of computers and the computer help

Company "Click" offers the clients following computer services:

- The computer help;
- Antivirus installation (which constant treatment of viruses and removal of viruses provides);
- Repair of computers in-home;
- Repair of laptops;
- Removal of viruses;
- Installation and adjustment of programs;
- Reinstallation windows;
- Restoration of the data;
- Connection to the Internet;
- And other computer services.

On services you will find the Price-list in section «the computer help».

If you have found our site by inquiries «repair of computers Moscow», «the computer help Moscow», «computer service» or «service of computers», we are ready to struggle for that you became our client. We show the experiment, knowledge and abilities regardless of the fact that it is required to you.

Also popular inquiries are: «the computer help a price», «the computer help of the price» or «repair of computers of the price», we are ready to give you a substantiation of cost of each service.

Web creation and SEO

Your company still doesn't have site? Order it in us! Our professional web programmers, skilled designers and designers of interfaces will develop the web site meeting the most refined requirements and the standard standards.

  The basic services of web studio:
- Working out of sites (from technical project writing before introduction and support);
- Advancement and optimization of sites (SEO) (the complex approach; internal and external optimization);
- Web audit (development of recommendations about improvement юзабилити, to advancement, etc.);
- Redesign of sites (unique design according to your desire);
- Filling (information support by professional copywriters).

We undertake creation of sites of any complexity from sites of cut-aways, to мультиязычных Internet shops with difficult systems of payment and integration with registration systems.

Working out of Web applications is a key line of activity of our company.