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IT-consulting - consultation of the enterprises concerning control of a computer infrastructure, a choice program, hardware platforms, equipment providers and the software, and also automation of business processes.

Advantages of IT-consulting:

  1. lowering of expenses at a procurement cycle and implementations of information components of the future IT-infrastructure;
  2. consultation on any information-technical questions at experts;
  3. the organization is released from not profile tasks for it;
  4. increase of automation and efficiency of business processes;
  5. operative engaging the necessary amount of IT-experts under the most various projects;
  6. the organization of effective operation of all IT-infrastructure of the company;
  7. selection, training and certification of IT-experts;
  8. the analysis of perspectives of development and optimization of an existing IT-infrastructure.
Our experts will provide your organization all-round professional support in area of information technologies.

For obtaining more the detail information on IT-consulting contacts our managers.