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Inventory and control of licenses

Frequently it is necessary for principal of the company or IT-director to understand a current state of affairs in the field of enterprise information system operation, to lead an independent estimation of a state of IT-structure, audit of operation of IT-staff, to prepare complex inventory, to receive recommendations about IT budget formation, to prepare strategy of development and upgrade of an IT-infrastructure, etc. All these tasks service in audit of information technologies allows to solve.

Within the limits of audit our experts fulfill following actions:

Determination of a current technical state of an information system:

  • The analysis of the existing organization of an IT-infrastructure
  • The analysis of trust relationships policies on the server and workstations, the analysis of file structure on servers
  • The analysis of safety of system as a whole: adjustments FireWall, virus protection/antispam, a password policy
  • The analysis a state of a physical network infrastructure and the Internet
  • The analysis of systems of reserve copying
  • The analysis of operation of business applications
  • The analysis of "bottlenecks" of system
  • The analysis of a correctness of adjustments at users

Complex inventory of the software and the equipment:

  • Data acquisition of parameters of servers, Firewall and the backup devices, the installed software
  • Data acquisition of parameters of workstations: a configuration of the equipment and the installed software, presence of specialized programs
  • Data acquisition on peripheral hardware support (the printer, faxes, scanners, MFD, monitors)

Result of the led audit is the detailed document describing a complex of a state of an IT-infrastructure, inventory hardware and the software, and also the recommendation about IT-infrastructure upgrade.

Important: at project implementation on IT infrastructure upgrades, audit it is fulfilled FREE OF CHARGE